Trailer: ‘Water Flows Toward the Sea’

By   |  May 2, 2023

‘Water Flows Toward the Sea’ (水は海に向かって流れる) is a 2023 Japanese romantic drama directed by Tetsu Maeda.

Based on the manga ‘Mizu wa Umi ni Mukatte Nagareru’ by Retto Tajima, the film revolves around a high school freshman who is set to stay with his uncle but soon discovers that he will be sharing the house with a group of quirky individuals. The cast includes Suzu Hirose, Riku Ohnishi, Kengo Kora, Junki Tozuka, Katsuhisa Namase, Ami Touma, and Masanobu Katsumura.

Synopsis: Naotatsu Kumazawa (Riku Ohnishi) is set to stay with his uncle as he enters a new high school. However, a woman he has never met, Chisa Sakaki (Suzu Hirose), picks him up at the station. He now shares a house with a salaryman who quit to become a mangaka unbeknownst to his parents, a cross-dressing fortune teller, a college professor, and a 25-year-old office lady, all of whom are quirky in their own ways. Naotatsu begins the strange days of living under the same roof with them. [Source: Mangakakalot]

‘Water Flows Toward the Sea’ opens across Japan on June 9, 2023.

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