Trailer: ‘Wumeng Strange Fate’

By   |  Jan 29, 2024

‘Wumeng Strange Fate’ (乌蒙奇缘) is a 2024 Chinese period fantasy comedy directed by Zhou Dexin.

The film revolves around a mining worker who accidentally travels back in time and decides to use his knowledge of the future to help the local people. The cast includes Lai Xi, Xiong Yuting, Wu Qing, You Xianchao, He Qiang, and Ma Shihong.

Synopsis: Mining worker Meng Yuan (Lai Xi) accidentally travels to ancient times during an expedition to the mountains. There he befriends siblings Li Xiaoyu (Xiong Yuting) and Li Xiaofeng after he helps them fend off an attempted robbery of the official silver. While assisting in the investigation into the robbery, Meng sees that a natural disaster has displaced the people, so he leads the villagers to develop cultivation and tertiary industries and teaches them the new experience of rural revitalisation in a modern country. Meng teaches them to make soap, builds a biogas digester, and leads Zhao Ying’s siblings to run a farmhouse to escape poverty and become rich. After repeated successes, Meng is recommended to the emperor by Sang Yang, the Grand Agricultural Officer, and is rewarded and reused by the imperial court. However, the evil organisation led by Jiang Tingwei also have their sights set on Meng Yuan… [© Far East Films]

‘Wumeng Strange Fate’ opens across China on January 31, 2024.

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