Trailer: ‘Yaru Onna: She’s a Killer’

By   |  Sep 27, 2018

‘Yaru Onna: She’s a Killer’ (殺る女) is an upcoming Japanese action thriller written and directed by Keiji Miyano.

The film revolves around a young girl who witnesses the murder of her family and trains to be an assassin so that she can seek revenge. The cast includes Kang Ji-Young, Rina Takeda, Taro Suruga, and Jake Zyrus.

Synopsis: When Aiko (Kang Ji-Young) was a child, she witnessed her family being murdered. As a result, when she grew up she became an assassin. Now, she’s found the person who murdered her family and she seeks her revenge…

‘Yaru Onna: She’s a Killer’ opens across Japan on October 27, 2018.

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