Trailer: ‘Peace Breaker’

By   |  Jun 15, 2017

‘Peace Breaker’ is a Chinese remake of the 2014 South Korean thriller, ‘A Hard Day‘.

Directed by Lien Yi-Chi (‘Sweet Alibis’), the story revolves around a morally bent detective who has one of the worst days of his life after he tries to cover up an accidental crime. The cast includes Aaron KwokWang Qianyuan, and Liu Tao.

‘Peace Breaker’ opens across China on August 18, 2017.

Thanks to Asian Film Strike.

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    • A Hard Day was terrific. This looks good too.

    • Nice
      to see a Chinese remake for a change. A Hard Day was terrific. This’ll
      depend on whether Aaron Kwok brings the frustration in his character out
      well. Looks good though.