Blu-ray release: ‘Wheels On Meals’

By   |  Jan 16, 2019

Eureka Entertainment are bringing the Hong Kong action comedy ‘Wheels On Meals‘ (快餐車) to UK Blu-ray on March 18, 2019.

Written and directed by Sammo Hung, the film revolves around a pair of fast food chefs who team up with their private investigator friend to track down a missing heiress. The cast includes Jackie Chan, Yuen Biao, Sammo Hung, Lola Forner, Benny UrquidezKeith Vitali, and Jose Sancho.

Synopsis: A pair of fast food workers (Chan and Yuen Biao) are forced to rely on their martial arts know-how when they meet up with a countess who is being kept from her inheritance by a gang of hoods. The two friends team up with a private investigator chum (Sammo Hung) and set out to kick some villainous butt.

Special Features:
• Limited edition slipcase [4000 copies ONLY]
• Stunning 1080p presentation from a brand new 2K restoration
• Optional English subtitles
• Original Cantonese audio track, available in both original mono (LPCM) and newly restored DTS-HD MA 5.1
• Optional English audio from the film’s international release, featuring an alternate soundtrack, available in both original mono and 5.1
• Alternate English dub track from the films 2006 DVD release (available in 5.1 only)
• New and Exclusive audio option – a custom audio option featuring the original Cantonese dialogue track, but mixed with the alternate soundtrack from the international release
• On Giant’s Shoulders – An archival interview with Sammo Hung [7 mins]
• An additional archival interview with Sammo Hung [10 mins]
• Born to Fight – An archival interview with Yuen Biao [15 mins]
• Jet Fighter – An archival interview with Benny Urquidez [28 mins]
• King of the Ring – An archival interview with Keith Vitali [33 mins]
• The Inside Track – An archival interview with Stanley Tong [34 mins]
• Spartan X Alternate Credits – The alternate blooper reel credits from the Japanese version of Wheels on Meals
• Additional Outtake footage [4 mins]
• Original Theatrical Trailer
• International Release Trailer
• Original Japanese Spartan X trailer
• A Limited Edition Collector’s Booklet featuring a new essay by James Oliver [4000 copies ONLY]

‘Wheels On Meals’ is available for pre-order now from

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