Sequel confirmed for Cambodian action hit ‘Jailbreak’

By   |  Jun 27, 2020

A sequel is currently in the works for the 2017 Cambodian martial arts actioner ‘Jailbreak‘. Tentatively titled ‘Jailbreak: Round 2’, the film will see the return of all of the original leads, , and , as well as director .

New additions to the cast will include Cecep Arif Rahman and fan-favourite , two actors well known for their physical abilities as showcased in films such as ‘The Raid‘ and ‘John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum’. Both actors will reportedly be playing villains.

The story, which is being written by Kai Miller (‘The Prey’), will see our heroic team of super cops banding together to defeat a fugitive crime lord who is lodged atop 30 floors of hell (sound familiar?).

‘Jailbreak: Round 2’ is expected to start shooting in 2021.

Source: Hollywood Reporter

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