Teaser: ‘Tarot’

By   |  May 29, 2024

‘Tarot’ (타로) is a 2024 South Korean mystery horror omnibus movie directed by Choi Byeong-Gil.

The film follows seven individuals who each receive a different tarot card and find their lives taking a twisted turn. The cast includes Cho Yeo-Jeong, Park Ha-Sun, Kim Jin-Young, Ko Kyu-Pil, Seo Ji-Hoon, Lee Joo-Bin, and Kim Seong-Tae.

Synopsis: ‘Tarot’ unfolds as a series of seven omniverse horror episodes delving into mysterious events that could be part of anyone’s everyday life, all centred around the theme of tarot cards. The plot kicks off as the main characters each receive different tarot cards, and in that moment, find their destinies cursed by the twisted tarot cards. [Source: Soompi]

‘Tarot’ opens across South Korea on June 14, 2024.

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