• Teaser: ‘Diva’

    Aug 14, 2020

    ‘Diva’ (디바) is a 2020 South Korean mystery-thriller directed by Jo Seul-Ye.

  • Teaser: ‘Aishu Cinderella’

    Aug 12, 2020

    ‘Aishu Cinderella’ (哀愁しんでれら) is a 2021 Japanese suspense/drama written and directed by Ryohei Watanabe.

  • Teaser: ‘The Promised Neverland’

    Aug 7, 2020

    ‘The Promised Neverland’ (約束のネバーランド) is a 2020 Japanese fantasy sci fi mystery directed by Yuichiro Hirakawa.

  • Teaser: ‘Underdog’

    Jul 28, 2020

    ‘Underdog’ (アンダードッグ) is a 2020 Japanese sports drama directed by Masaharu Take.

  • Teaser: ‘Beauty Water’

    Jul 23, 2020

    ‘Beauty Water’ (기기괴괴 성형수) is a 2020 South Korean animated horror-thriller directed by Cho Kyung-Hun.

  • Teaser: ‘Silent Tokyo’

    Jul 17, 2020

    ‘Silent Tokyo’ (サイレント・トーキョー) is a 2020 Japanese crime/suspense drama directed by Takafumi Hatano.

  • Teaser: ‘The Therapist: Fist of Tae-baek’

    Jul 15, 2020

    ‘The Therapist: Fist of Tae-baek’ (태백권) is a 2020 South Korean martial arts comedy directed by Choi Sang-Hun.

  • Teaser: ‘Voice of Sin’

    Jun 24, 2020

    ‘Voice of Sin’ (罪の声) is a 2020 Japanese suspense thriller directed by Nobuhiro Doi.

  • Teaser: ‘Quiet Now!’

    Jun 22, 2020

    ‘Quiet Now!’ (我想静静) is a 2020 Chinese family comedy co-written and directed by Alfred Cheung.

  • Teaser: ‘The Foggy Mountain’

    Jun 12, 2020

    ‘The Foggy Mountain’ (Đỉnh Mù Sương) is a 2020 Vietnamese martial arts movie directed by Phan Anh.

  • Teaser: ‘My Name is Yours’

    May 20, 2020

    ‘My Name is Yours’ (君が世界のはじまり) is a 2020 Japanese drama directed by Momoko Fukuda.

  • Teaser: ‘Space Sweepers’

    May 8, 2020

    ‘Space Sweepers’ (승리호) is a 2020 South Korean science fiction fantasy film directed by Jo Sung-Hee.