Theatrical release: ‘Love You Forever’

By   |  Aug 20, 2020

CineAsia are bringing the 2020 Chinese fantasy/romance ‘Love You Forever’ (我在时间尽头等你) to UK/Ireland cinemas on August 25, 2020.

Directed by Yao Tingting, the film tells the story of a stubborn man who accidentally gains the ability to travel through time and attempts to use it to fix his love life. The cast includes Lee Hong-Chi, Li YitongFan WeiZhang Chao, and Luo Ji.

Synopsis: Some lives are linked across time, connected by destiny. While aiding an old theatre attendant Lin Ge (Lee Hong-Chi), aspiring dancer Qiu Qian (Li Yitong) stumbles upon his diary which chronicles the life and memories they shared together since childhood, thus discovering a timeless love story concealed in another dimension.

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