Theatrical release: ‘The Witches of the Orient’

By   |  Jun 23, 2021

KimStim are bringing the 2021 French documentary ‘The Witches of the Orient’ to US theatres and virtual cinemas from July 9, 2021.

Written and directed by Julien Faraut, the film recounts the Japanese women’s volleyball team’s thrilling rise, unbelievable 258 games winning streak, and eventual Olympic gold at the 1964 Tokyo Olympics.

Synopsis: United by their jobs in a textile factory, the Japanese women’s volleyball team chased absolute perfection under the guidance of their gruelling coach Hirofumi Daimatsu. Known as “the Demon,” his intense, endless practice sessions, shaped the team into a powerful force striking fear in the hearts of their competitors and earning them the racist and dismissive moniker “oriental witches.”

‘The Witches of the Orient’ will open at the Film Forum on July 9 before hitting other locations and virtual cinemas on July 16, 2021.  For full details, visit

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