Trailer [2]: ‘Your World Without Me’

By   |  Nov 30, 2021

‘Your World Without Me’ (你的世界如果没有我) is a 2021 Chinese romantic drama directed by Benny Lau.

The film revolves around a young couple who vow to build a wooden home for themselves under the stars. The cast includes Zhang Youhao, Xue Haojing, Wong Yat-Fei, Chen Guanhong, and Tobgyal.

Synopsis: Under the snowy mountains, Abu, a young man who grew up in a small town, meets a city girl named Luo Yao. As their love for each other grows, they make a promise to “build a wooden house under the stars” before they leave. To realise this romantic and unrealistic promise, Abu and Yao begin a dream-making journey from scratch… [© Far East Films]

‘Your World Without Me’ opens across China on December 3, 2021.

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