Trailer: ‘52 Hertz Whales’

By   |  Feb 14, 2024

‘52 Hertz Whales’ (52ヘルツのクジラたち) is a 2024 Japanese drama directed by Izuru Narushima.

Based on the novel ’52 Hertz no Kujiratachi’ by Sonoko Machida, the film revolves around a woman who moves to a seaside town to put her past behind her and tries to help a young boy struggling under similar circumstances. The cast includes Hana Sugisaki, Jun Shison, Hio Miyazawa, Karin Ono, and Kuwana Tori.

Synopsis: Kiko Mishima (Hana Sugisaki) was exploited by her own family. When she was little, her mother neglected her. After her mother remarried, Kiko was abused mentally and physically by her family including her mother, stepfather, and younger stepbrother. She didn’t belong to this family. Somehow, Kiko disconnects from her family in Tokyo and moves to a seaside town in Oita. There, Kiko meets a 13-year-old boy named Mushi. He has been abused by his mother and does not speak due to trauma from the abuse. The boy Mushi reminds Kiko of herself when she was younger. [Source: AsianWiki]

’52 Hertz Whales’ opens across Japan on March 1, 2024.

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