Trailer: ‘Chilli Laugh Story’

By   |  Jul 1, 2022

‘Chilli Laugh Story’ (闔家辣) is a 2022 Hong Kong comedy co-written and directed by Coba Cheng.

The film revolves around an entrepreneurial college student who hatches a plan to make money by selling his parent’s homemade chilli sauce. The cast includes Ronald Cheng, Gigi Leung, Edan Lui, Sandra Ng, and Angela Yuen.

Synopsis: Enterprising college student and music promoter Coba (Edan Lui) is working from home like everyone else during the pandemic. The would-be comforts of his situation are disrupted by the constant bickering of his eccentric parents (Ronald Cheng and Gigi Leung). After his paying gig suddenly dries up, Coba happens upon an ingenious get-rich-quick scheme that should also distract mom and dad: bottle and sell his mom’s insanely tasty old-school chilli sauce. [Source: Wikipedia]

‘Chilli Laugh Story’ opens across Hong Kong on July 14, 2022.

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