Trailer: ‘Galaxy Writer’

By   |  Mar 27, 2024

‘Galaxy Writer’ (银河写手) is a 2024 Chinese comedy-drama written and directed by Li Kuo and Shan Dandan.

The film follows a pair of screenwriters with very different personalities who are determined to bring their movie script to life. The cast includes Song Muzi, He Wenjun, Li Fei, Li Wenru, Song Xiaoliang, Zhang Haosen, and Liu Moran.

Synopsis: One script, two screenwriters, three revisions, four seasons change, five flavours mixed. According to legend, during the early years of the Ming Dynasty, General Chang Yuchun headed north with his army and established a campsite that later became known as “Chang Ying.” Several hundred years later, a group of young people also stationed there, dreaming of becoming directors, screenwriters, actors, producers, and more. Among them were two screenwriters, Zhang Liao and Sun Tan. They wrote a movie script that they believed would go down in history and were determined to bring it to the big screen.

‘Galaxy Writer’ opens across China on March 30, 2024.

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