Trailer: ‘Let’s Go Karaoke!’

By   |  Dec 5, 2023

‘Let’s Go Karaoke!’ (カラオケ行こ!) is a 2024 Japanese comedy-drama directed by Nobuhiro Yamashita.

Based on the manga series ‘Karaoke Iko!’ by Yama Wayama, the film revolves around a yakuza member who enlists the help of a high schooler to improve his karaoke skills. The cast includes Go Ayano, Jun Saito, Kyoko Yoshine, Jun Hashimoto, and Kyosuke Yabe.

Synopsis: Kyoji Narita (Go Ayano) is a high ranking yakuza member. On a rainy day, he hears singing while wandering the street and walks towards the sound. There, he meets junior high school student Satomi Oka (Jun Saito) who invites him to go to a karaoke place. Kyoji asks for Satomi’s help as he badly wants to improve his singing so he won’t place last in his gang’s karaoke competition. Meanwhile, Satomi is a 3rd grade junior high school student and leads the school choral club. Satomi has a sincere personality, but he often makes biting remarks. He has one problem, which is that he has difficulties with high-pitched notes due to his voice going through puberty. Satomi is embarrassed by the unexpected request from Kyoji. [Source: AsianWiki]

‘Let’s Go Karaoke!’ opens across Japan on January 12, 2024.

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