Trailer: ‘Record Without Words’

By   |  Nov 30, 2023

‘Record Without Words’ (沉默笔录) is a 2023 Chinese crime drama written and directed by Hao Feihuan.

The film revolves around the captain of a Joint Defense team who begins an investigation into a serial dog killing case and uncovers truths that he could have never expected. The cast includes Zhang Yu, Ma Yinyin, Sun Min, Chubu Huajie, and Tan Tian.

Synopsis: Pingxi Town is located somewhere in the southwest. In the 1990s, the Joint Defense team maintained the town’s security. The father of the Joint Defense Captain Li Lizhong (Zhang Yu) dies unexpectedly. At the same time, a strange serial dog killing case occurs in the town. Li leads the team through a poor investigation but they somehow discover that the dog killing case is inextricably linked to his father’s death. In the era of barbaric growth, Li could only respond with silence when faced with the truth. [© Far East Films]

‘Record Without Words’ opens across China on December 1, 2023.

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