Trailer: ‘Snowball’

By   |  Sep 9, 2021

‘Snowball’ (최선의 삶) is a 2021 South Korean drama directed by Lee Woo-Jung.

Based on a novel by Im Sol-Ah, the film follows a group of young girls who decide to run away from home. The cast includes Bang Min-Ah, Shim Dal-Gi, Han Sung-Min, and Yoon Hye-Ri.

Synopsis: Kang-Yi (Bang Min-Ah), A-Ram (Shim Dal-Gi) and So-Young (Han Sung-Min) are classmates and close friends. They always hang out together. The girls decide to run away from home without having any specific plans. They soon run out of money. They make choices, which they think are the best for them, but their choices end up being hurtful to them. Their close relationship breaks apart. [Source: AsianWiki]

‘Snowball’ opened across South Korea on September 1, 2021.

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