Trailer: ‘Stars in the Ordinary Universe’

By   |  May 30, 2024

‘Stars in the Ordinary Universe’ (보통의 우주는 찬란함을 꿈꾸는가?) is a 2024 South Korean comedy-drama omnibus movie written and directed by Kim Bo-Won.

The film tells three stories about ordinary people who all reside on different versions of the earth across the multiverse. The cast includes Park Seo-Yoon, Sim Kyu-Ho, Oh Dong-Min, Shim Tae-Hee, and Lee Jee-Hoon.

Synopsis: Universe #1 – A high school girl who realizes the biological limitations of humans begins a bizarre self-study process to find the right answer. Universe #2 – A beggar who seems to have mastered the meaning of life, refers to the happiness gained at the end of a difficult journey. Universe #3 – A man who can’t live without telling the truth, and continues to tell the truth even if he gets beaten up again and again. [Source: HanCinema]

‘Stars in the Ordinary Universe’ opens across South Korea in June 2024.

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