Trailer: ‘The Odd Family: Zombie On Sale’

By   |  Feb 5, 2019

‘The Odd Family: Zombie On Sale’ (기묘한 가족) is an upcoming South Korean horror comedy directed by Lee Min-Jae.

The film revolves around an affluent family who find their peaceful lives shaken after their neighbourhood is visited by a zombie. The cast includes Jung Jae-Young, Kim Nam-Gil, Uhm Ji-Won, Lee Soo-Kyung, and Jung Ga-Ram.

Synopsis: Man-Deok (Park In-Hwan) runs a gas station in a peaceful country village. He has three adult children: Joon-Girl (Jung Jae-Young), Min-Girl (Kim Nam-Gil) and Hae-Girl (Lee Soo-Kyung). Man-Deok only thinks about spending the rest of his life in Hawaii. Oldest child, Joon-Girl, is married to Nam-Joo (Uhm Ji-Won). He loves his family, but he doesn’t express his feelings to his family. Min-Girl is the middle child in the family. He is the only to have graduated from a university in his family. He gets fired from his company and comes back to his hometown. Hae-Girl is the youngest child in the family. One day, a strange man (Jung Ga-Ram) appears in the country village. Due to him, Man-Deok’s family and the entire village is shaken.

‘The Odd Family: Zombie On Sale’ opens across South Korea on February 14, 2019.

Sources: HanCinema / AsianWiki

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