Trailer: ‘The Tipping Point’

By   |  Nov 8, 2022

‘The Tipping Point’ (扫黑行动) is a 2022 Chinese crime thriller directed by David Lam.

Based on a real case, the film revolves around the investigation into a suspicious death that winds up uncovering a ring of corruption. The cast includes Zhou Yiwei, Qin Hailu, Julian Cheung, Wang Jinsong, Eric Tsang, Ray Lui, and Ng Man-Tat.

Synopsis: When a female college student falls from a building under suspicious circumstances, Cheng Rui (Zhou Yiwei), the deputy captain of the criminal investigation detachment who has only just been transferred to his post, is assigned to the case.  He soon discovers that the tragedy is tied to a number of shady dealings, such as loans and solicitation, and the city’s entrepreneur, An Yiming (Eric Tsang) becomes a prime suspect. As Cheng digs deeper into the investigation, he finds that several other parties are involved and uncovering the truth may be harder than he expected. [© Far East Films]

‘The Tipping Point’ opens across China on November 11, 2022.

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