Trailer: ‘Wolf Pack’

By   |  Aug 30, 2022

‘Wolf Pack’ (狼群) is a 2022 Chinese action thriller written and directed by Michael Chiang.

The film revolves around an elite anti-terrorist unit that is dispatched to take down a group of foreign invaders. The cast includes Max Zhang Jin, Aarif Lee, Jiang Luxia, Mark Luu, Liu Ye, Zhang Yi, Russel Tang, Liviu Covalschi, Gianluca Zoppa, and Diego Dati.

Synopsis: The Wolf Pack squad, led by Lao Diao (Max Zhang Jin), have been engaged in overseas security work for a long time. During one of their missions, they accidentally discover that foreign terrorist forces have extended their reach into China’s energy lifeline! Diao is ordered to lead Ke Tong (Aarif Lee), Demon (Jiang Luxia) and other members of the team in a thunderous attack. The crisis is imminent, but can the Wolf Pack turn danger into success? [© Far East Films]

‘Wolf Pack’ opens across China on September 9, 2022.

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