Trailer: ‘You are by My Side’

By   |  May 11, 2024

‘You are by My Side’ (你就在我身边) is a 2024 Chinese romantic drama directed by Gao Rui.

Based on the novel ‘Tattoo’ by Xue Xiaochan, the film follows the lives of two young girls as they experience their first tastes of love. The cast includes He Nan, Duan Xiaowei, Li Wenhan, and Li Sinan.

Synopsis: Ouyang Xixia and Zhang Xiaopu are two 18-year-old girls. They grew up in a life of mixed joy, tasted their first love with anticipation, suffered a broken heart unprepared, grew and matured in a youth full of fantasies, and watered their own flowers with stubborn tears and resolute courage. [© Far East Films]

‘You are by My Side’ opens across China on May 17, 2024.

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