• Trailer: ‘In Search of Lost Time’

    Sep 7, 2022

    ‘In Search of Lost Time’ (海的尽头是草原 / The End of the Sea is a Prairie) is a 2022 Chinese historical drama co-written and directed by Derek Yee.

  • DVD release: ‘The Bombing’

    Oct 15, 2018

    Signature Entertainment are bringing the Chinese action war-drama ‘The Bombing’ (aka ‘Air Strike’ / ‘Unbreakable Spirit’) to UK DVD on October 29, 2018.

  • Teaser: ‘Unbreakable Spirit’

    Jul 13, 2018

    ‘Unbreakable Spirit’ (大轰炸) is an upcoming Chinese action war-drama directed by Xiao Feng.

  • Trailer: ‘Suddenly Seventeen’

    Nov 29, 2016

    Zhang Mo, the daughter of Chinese cinematic great Zhang Yimou, will make her directorial debut with the new fantasy romance ‘Suddenly Seventeen’ (28岁未成年 28-year-old Minor).