Blu-ray & DVD release: ‘A Guilty Conscience’

By   |  Jul 12, 2023

Edko Films are bringing the 2023 Hong Kong mystery crime comedy ‘A Guilty Conscience’ (毒舌大狀) to Hong Kong Blu-ray and DVD on July 21, 2023.

Co-written and directed by Jack Ng, the film revolves around a lawyer who works to clear an innocent woman’s name after his negligence causes her to go to jail. The cast includes Dayo WongTse Kwan-Ho, Louise Wong, Fish Liew, Michael Wong Man-Tak, Ho Kai-Wa, and Renci Yeung.

Synopsis: Barrister Adrian Lam (Dayo Wong) is known for his sharp tongue and egotistical attitude. In 2002, he takes on a high-profile case involving Jolene Tsang (Louise Wong), who stands accused of abusing her daughter. Lam, along with fellow barrister Fong (Renci Yeung) and legal executive Prince (Dee Ho), build their defense around testimony from Tsang’s lover Desmond (Adam Pak), the husband of a tycoon’s daughter (Fish Liew). Due to a crucial mistake by Lam, they lose the case and Tsang is sentenced to 17 years of jail. Down and disgraced, Lam moves his law firm to Mong Kok and begins taking on grassroots cases for ordinary folks. When a chance arises to correct his mistake, Lam reassembles the old team to reverse Tsang’s conviction and seek a retrial. However, the prosecution led by Kam (Tse Kwan Ho) also elevates the charges against Tsang, and powerful forces behind the scenes seem to be working against Lam and Tsang.

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