DVD release: ‘Seire’

By   |  Jul 21, 2023

Film Movement are bringing the 2022 South Korean horror/drama ‘Seire’ (세이레) to UK DVD on August 15, 2023.

Written and directed by Park Kang, the film follows the father of a newborn baby who goes against the custom of not attending a funeral during the first 21 days after a baby’s birth. The cast includes Seo Hyun-Woo, Ryu Abel, Sim Eun-Woo, Ko Eun-Min, and Kim Woo-Kyum.

Synopsis: In Korean folk traditions, “seire” is the twenty-one days after a baby is born in which they’re uniquely vulnerable to bad luck, curses – even evil spirits. Many superstitions surround these first three weeks in a baby’s life, and new mother Hae-mi carefully follows every one of them. Father Woo-jin is reluctantly willing to play along, but when he attends an ex-girlfriend’s funeral, he unwittingly opens the door to to dark supernatural dangers. Plagued by terrible nightmares, the skeptical Woo-jin gradually begins to understand the seire custom, as he is forced to unravel the mystery of what is haunting him and his family.

‘Seire’ is available to pre-order now from Amazon.co.uk.

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