Francis Ng starts shooting new gangster flick

By   |  Aug 26, 2016

A few days ago, police were called to the busy district of Causeway Bay in Hong Kong to investigate when it seemed that violence was going to erupt amongst hundreds of people.

As it turned out, Francis Ng was directing his new film, tentatively titled ‘Change of Gangster’ on a busy street. He led one of the groups while Frankie Ng Chi-Hung headed the other.

Those of you who like Hong Kong gangster flicks will remember that Francis Ng plays Ugly Kwan and Ng Chi Hung plays Uncle Bee in 1996’s ‘Young and Dangerous’. So the new film is like a reunion for some of the cast from the hit film (the first in a very popular franchise).

Check out the image below and tell us if you are on Team Francis or Team Frankie!

By the way, the main cast of ‘Young and Dangerous’, including Ekin Cheng, Jordan Chan, Michael Tse and Jerry Lamb, have been talking about getting back together for a new film that will not be related to the ‘Young and Dangerous’ films.