Teaser: ‘Arc’

By   |  Feb 9, 2021

‘Arc’ (Arc アーク) is a 2021 Japanese sci-fi drama directed by Kei Ishikawa.

Based on a short story by Ken Liu, the film follows a woman who is given a radical new treatment that allows her to become immortal. The cast includes Kyoko Yoshine, Shinobu Terajima, Masaki Okada, Kurumi Shimizu, and Kai Inowaki.

Synopsis: Lina was separated from her new-born son at the age of 17 and lived a wandering life. She met her mentor, Emma at the age of 19 and got a job doing BodyWorks at a major cosmetics company. The job involved an incredibly popular treatment developed by Emma’s younger brother, Amane, that  preserved the original looks of people after they died. However, Amane was actually attempting to create immortality. Lina, now 30, becomes the first woman in human history to gain Amane’s eternal life treatment. But as the world becomes a place without death, Lina finds her potential future crumbling around her. [© Far East Films]

‘Arc’ opens across Japan on June 25, 2021.

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