Teaser: ‘Hell’s Garden’

By   |  Jan 7, 2021

‘Hell’s Garden’ (地獄の花園) is a 2021 Japanese comedy directed by Kazuaki Seki.

The film revolves around an office lady who has to do everything she can to keep up with insane level of in-house fighting at her company. The only cast member to have been confirmed thus far is Mei Nagano.

Synopsis: Naoko Tanaka (Mei Nagano) is a 26-year-old office lady. Her job is fairly typical, but the company she works for is known for its inner conflicts. Numerous factions exist within the office that fight over just about everything. When a mysterious new woman with a black umbrella appears, the fighting escalates to a whole new level. [© Far East Films]

‘Hell’s Garden’ opens across Japan in May, 2021.

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