Trailer: ‘Hot Blooded Detective’

By   |  Jun 1, 2020

‘Hot Blooded Detective’ (열혈형사) is a 2020 South Korean crime comedy directed by Yoon Yeo-Chang.

The film revolves around a cocky yet unproductive detective who finds his instincts awakening after he is assigned to the case of a missing model. The cast includes Kim In-Kwon, Janska, Kim Seung-Hyeon, Ha Ju-Hee, and Chun Yi-Seul.

Synopsis: Dong-min (Kim In-Kwon) is the kind of detective who spends more time talking rather than doing good old-fashioned police work. Just as he is on the brink of getting a promotion, Dong-min suddenly finds himself reassigned to a different department. There he is teamed up with the straightforward detective Mong-heo (Janska) and the pair are put on the case of a missing model. As the investigation progresses, Dong-min’s instincts begin to awaken and he realises that there could be more to this case than meets the eye.

‘Hot Blooded Detective’ opens across South Korea on June 18, 2020.

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