Theatrical release: ‘Enter The Clones of Bruce’

By   |  May 23, 2024

The 2023 US documentary ‘Enter The Clones of Bruce’ will be screening at the Genesis Cinema in London on May 24, 2024.

Directed by David Gregory, the film reveals the history of the numerous Bruceploitation films that sprang to life after the death of Bruce Lee. Interviewees include Bruce Li, Bruce Le, Bruce Leung, Dragon Lee, Angela Mao, David Chiang, Phillip Ko Fei, Casanova Wong, Yasuaki Kurata, Lo Meng, Sammo Hung and many more.

Synopsis: Within hours of his funeral, Hong Kong movie studios began to produce hundreds of unauthorized biopics, spin-offs and rip-offs starring a competing roster of Bruce Lee lookalikes. Over the next decade, ‘Bruceploitation’ would become a staple of global cinema. Award-winning director David Gregory examines this fascinating phenomenon via interviews with cast and crew, and copious clips from the films themselves.

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