Theatrical release: ‘Fortune Favors Lady Nikuko’

By   |  Aug 5, 2022

Anime Limited are bringing the 2021 Japanese animated family comedy-drama ‘Fortune Favors Lady Nikuko’ (漁港の肉子ちゃん) to selected UK and Irish cinemas from August 10, 2022.

Based on a novel by Kanako Nishi and directed by Ayumu Watanabe, the film revolves around a mother and daughter who spend their lives aboard a boat in a fishing town. The voice cast includes Shinobu Otake, Cocomi, Natsuki Hanae, Hiro Shimono, and Ikuji Nakamura.

Synopsis: Brash single mother Nikuko is well-known for her bold spirit, much to the embarrassment of Kikuko, her pensive yet imaginative daughter. In contrast to her mother, Kikuko wants nothing more than to fit in as she navigates the everyday social dramas of middle school. Life in the harbour is peaceful until a shocking revelation from the past threatens to uproot the pair’s tender relationship.

‘Fortune Favors Lady Nikuko’ will be screening in Japanese with English subtitles and you can book tickets now from The film is also available to own on Blu-ray and DVD from and

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