Trailer: ‘A Choo’

By   |  Jun 5, 2020

‘A Choo’ (不倒侠) is a 2020 Taiwanese sci-fi sports romance directed by Kevin Ko and Peter Tsi.

The film revolves around a boxer who must take on a superhuman fighter to prove his love for a childhood friend. The cast includes Kai Ko, Ariel Lin, Zhang Xiaolong, Darren Wang, Vanness Wu, and Louis Koo.

Synopsis: Even when they were orphans, Wang Yi Zhi (Kai Ko) has always been in love with Xin Xin (Ariel Lin). Now older, Yi Zhi decides to train as a boxer before he allows himself to profess his love, but only for her to fall for a geeky computer engineer who is secretly a popular superhero. When Xin Xin gets kidnapped, Yi Zhi must prove his love and his fighting skills to get the girl of his dreams.

‘A Choo’ opens across Taiwan and China on July 15, 2020.

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