Trailer: ‘A Guilty Conscience’

By   |  Feb 10, 2023

‘A Guilty Conscience’ (毒舌大狀) is a 2023 Hong Kong mystery crime comedy co-written and directed by Jack Ng.

The film revolves around a lawyer who works to clear an innocent woman’s name after his negligence causes her to go to jail. The cast includes Dayo Wong, Tse Kwan-Ho, Louise Wong, Fish Liew, Michael Wong Man-Tak, Ho Kai-Wa, and Renci Yeung.

Synopsis: An unjust case of an international model suspected of abusing her daughter turns into a tug-of-war between the legal profession, the powerful and the famous! How does the Chung family, at the top of the social pyramid, use all their power and resources to protect themselves? How can the lawyers, represented by Lin Liang Shui (Dayo Wong), deliver justice against all odds? [© Far East Films]

‘A Guilty Conscience’ opened across Hong Kong in January and will be released in China on February 24, 2023.

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