Trailer: ‘Ai-chan: The Teen Detective from Yoshimoto Shinkigeki’

By   |  Mar 7, 2018

‘Ai-chan: The Teen Detective from Yoshimoto Shinkigeki’ (よしもと新喜劇映画 女子高生探偵 あいちゃん) is an upcoming Japanese comedy directed by Kazuhiro Nakamura.

The film finds a somewhat stout detective forced to go undercover as an idol after she is hired to protect the pop group NMB48. The cast includes Ai Sakai, Yasushi Kawabata, Airi Tanigawa, Kokoro Naiki, Sae Murase, Sutchi, Narumi Koga, and Rina Yamao.

Synopsis: Ai’s (Ai Sakai) late mother encouraged her that only people with beautiful hearts are beautiful people. She was bullied by “pretty” girls while growing up and she now has a natural aversion to those type of girls. Ai is then asked to protect idol group NMB48 from a bomb threat. As a professional teen detective, Ai takes the job. She must now go undercover among the idol girls in NMB48.

‘Ai-chan: The Teen Detective from Yoshimoto Shinkigeki’ opens across Japan on March 17, 2018.

Thanks to AsianWiki.

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