Trailer: ‘Dangerous Memory’

By   |  Jun 12, 2021

‘Dangerous Memory’ (危险记忆) is a 2021 Chinese crime thriller directed by Guo Daqun.

The film revolves around a man suffering from amnesia who begins to uncover a sinister plot while attempting to regain his memories. The cast includes Li Bin, Gan Tingting, Joanne Tseng, Li Donghan, and Ding Haifeng.

Synopsis: After Yuan Xingzhou is involved in a traffic accident, he is left with temporary amnesia. A Police investigation indicates that Yuan was in fact being targeted during the incident. As Yuan desperately attempts to retrieve his memories, all of the parties involved begin to make up the pieces in a complicated puzzle. And as his memories return, Yuan is about to uncover a plot that could affect the entire city. [© Far East Films]

‘Dangerous Memory’ opens across China on August 6, 2021.

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