Trailer: ‘I Have Superpower’

By   |  Jun 21, 2024

‘I Have Superpower’ (脑洞大开) is a 2024 Chinese fantasy comedy directed by Tang Tao.

The film revolves around a man who develops mental “superpowers” after an accident forces him to undergo surgery on his brain. The cast includes He Huan, Wang Xun, Clara Lee, Bu Yu, and Sun Yue.

Synopsis: Cai Yao, who has suffered a lot in his life, always fantasises about a miraculous encounter that will change his destiny. Following a chance accident, a miracle occurs after he undergoes a cranial perforation and drainage operation. He suddenly obtains several “superpowers”, such as brain capacity expansion, unlimited money ability, mind-reading, and lotto reaping machine. His life changes drastically, and he is greeted with a series of ridiculous events… [© Far East Films]

‘I Have Superpower’ opens across China on June 28, 2024.

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