Trailer & Images: ‘Chasing the Dragon III’

By   |  Jan 12, 2020

The popular ‘Chasing the Dragon’ film series continues with a third installment, which focuses on the story of Lee Rock (played by Andy Lau in 1991’s ‘Lee Rock’ and again in 2017’s ‘Chasing the Dragon’) when he was still a young police officer in Hong Kong.

‘Chasing the Dragon III’ (追龙番外篇之十亿探长) is produced by Wong Jing, who wrote and directed both the original ‘Chasing the Dragon’ and its sequel ‘Chasing the Dragon II: Wild Wild Bunch’. In the new film, Lee Rock is played by TVB actor Vincent Wong Ho-Shun (‘Black Ransom’, ‘Guilt by Design’). The rest of the cast include Waise Lee, Kent Cheng, Vincent Wan, Alex Lam, Xu Dongdong and Yun Qianqian.

‘Chasing the Dragon III’ will start streaming in China from January 16.