Trailer: ‘Keys to the Heart’

By   |  Jan 3, 2018

‘Keys to the Heart’ (그것만이 내 세상) is an upcoming South Korean comedy-drama directed by Choi Sung-Hyun.

The film tells the story of a down-and-out boxer reconnecting with his estranged, younger brother who is a gifted pianist with intellectual disability. The cast includes Lee Byung-Hun, Park Jung-Min, Youn Yuh-Jung, Han Ji-Min, and Kim Sung-Ryoung.

Synopsis:  Jo-Ha (Lee Byung-Hun) is a washed-up boxer. His younger brother (Park Jung-Min) is a genius pianist with physical disability. After years of being apart, the brothers make up through their mother In-Sook (Youn Yuh-Jung) who is full of stories of her past.

‘Keys to the Heart’ opens across South Korea on January 17, 2018.

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