Trailer: ‘Last Suspect’

By   |  Oct 31, 2023

‘Last Suspect’ (拯救嫌疑人 / Who’s the Suspect) is a 2023 Chinese crime thriller co-written and directed by Zhang Mo.

The film revolves around a lawyer who is forced into defending a murderer on death row after her daughter is taken hostage. The cast includes Zhang Xiaofei, Lee Hong-Chi, Kara Hui, Wang Ziyi, and Hong Junjia.

Synopsis: After her daughter is kidnapped, lawyer Chen Zhiqi (Zhang Xiaofei) receives a mysterious phone call demanding that she get a death row prisoner released within five days, or else she will never see her daughter again! After joining forces with police officer Jin Zhixiong (Lee Hong-Chi) to investigate, her defence of the condemned man is challenged by the family of the deceased, Lin Shu’e (Kara Hui), as she searches for clues. Chen cannot afford to lose but as the case deepens, she finds herself embroiled in another conspiracy… [© Far East Films]

‘Last Suspect’ opens across China on November 3, 2023.

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