Trailer: ‘Mr. Zheng’

By   |  Nov 10, 2022

‘Mr. Zheng’ (叫我郑先生) is a 2022 Chinese drama co-written and directed by Zou Dequan.

The film revolves around an elderly man suffering from Alzheimer’s who decides to retake a trip in an effort to hold on to some of his memories. The cast includes Tumen, Wang Zhen’er, Lam Suet, and Jack Kao.

Synopsis: Mr. Zheng is suffering from Alzheimer’s disease. In order to alleviate the fading memories of his deceased wife, Zheng decides to re-embark on the journey around the island that he enjoyed the most when he was young before all of the memories faded. On the way, Zheng meets a young woman and similar moods and intersecting journeys make the two start walking together… [© Far East Films]

‘Mr. Zheng’ opens across China on November 11, 2022.

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