Trailer: ‘Remember Me’

By   |  Mar 14, 2024

‘Remember Me’ (灿烂的她) is a 2024 Chinese drama directed by Xu Wei.

The film revolves around a grandmother and granddaughter who are reunited after 12 years apart and begin to rediscover their relationship. The cast includes Kara Hui, Liu Haocun, Zhang Zixian, Liu Huan, and Wei Qing.

Synopsis: A kind and tolerant grandmother (Hui Yinghong) is reunited with her granddaughter (Liu Haochun), who was accidentally lost twelve years ago, and the two of them go from being out of sync to snuggling up with each other. During their time together, their secrets are gradually revealed. In the end, the grandmother saves her granddaughter, who had lost all hope in life. [© Far East Films]

‘Remember Me’ opens across China on March 15, 2024.

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