Trailer: ‘Rolling’

By   |  Aug 15, 2022

‘Rolling’ (말아) is a 2022 South Korean drama directed by Kwak Min-Seung.

The film revolves around a young woman who reluctantly takes over the family restaurant after her mother needs to take some time away. The cast includes Shim Dal-Gi, Jung Eun-Kyung, Woo Hyo-Won, Jung Eui-Soon, and Son Suk-Bae.

Synopsis: During the Covid-19 outbreak, 25-year-old Ju-Ri (Shim Dal-Gi) stayed at home mostly and did not socialise. Her mother runs a small gimbap restaurant through these difficult times. Things change for Ju-Ri when her mother needs to leave to take care of Ju-Ri’s grandmother. Ju-Ri reluctantly takes over her mother’s restaurant, even though she doesn’t even know how to make gimbap. [Source: AsianWiki]

‘Rolling’ opens across South Korea on August 25, 2022.

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