Trailer: ‘Special Party Branch’

By   |  Mar 20, 2024

‘Special Party Branch’ (堡垒) is a 2024 Chinese historical suspense drama co-written and directed by Han Keyi.

The film revolves around the “Shaoshan Five” and other revolutionaries who carried out secret life-or-death missions during the Great Revolution. The cast includes Chen Minghao, Guo Xiaodong, Li Yitong, Chen Duling, Jing Gangshan, and Song Ningfeng.

Synopsis: Mao Jiaxuan (Chen Minghao) and Shen Zhuoyi (Guo Xiaodong) are engaged in a secret mission to carry out a secret war, and both of them recognize themselves as the code name “Pang Defu”. Who is the real “Pang Defu” and what does this code name mean? The characters’ identities are reversed in multiple ways and the truth becomes confusing. [© Far East Films]

‘Special Party Branch’ opens across China on March 22, 2024.

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