Blu-ray release: ‘Three Films With Sammo Hung’

By   |  Jul 7, 2019

Eureka Entertainment are bringing a trio of spectacular Sammo Hung martial arts classics to UK Blu-ray on September 23, 2019.

The 3-Disc box is made up of ‘The Iron-Fisted Monk‘, ‘The Magnificent Butcher‘, and ‘Eastern Condors‘, all of which are presented completely uncut (for the first time ever in the UK) from brand new 2K restorations.

The Iron-Fisted Monk: After he is trained by the Iron Fisted Monk (Chan Sing), Hawker (Sammo Hung) finds his family and co-workers being targeted by a corrupt Manchu official (Fung Hak-on). When he goes too far and people start to die, Hawker and the monk must team up to put a stop to his evil doings.

The Magnificent Butcher: A plump butcher student of Wong Fei Hung, Lam Sai-Wing (Sammo Hung) gets into trouble with a rival kung-fu school known as Five Dragons and is accused of raping the head of that school’s goddaughter and killing his son. Now Ko (Lee Hoi-Sang), the head of five dragons, wants revenge.

Eastern Condors: A group of Asian POWs get a chance at freedom when the United States offers them a mission to destroy a secret depot of missiles in Vietnam. Little do they realise that this is one deadly operation that they are not likely to return from.

Special Features:
• 1080p presentation of all three films, from brand new 2K restorations and in their original widescreen aspect ratios.
• Original Cantonese mono tracks for all three films
• English audio options, including classic and newer English dubs
• The Iron-Fisted Monk – Fully Restored Cantonese mono track, with original sound effects reinserted after being absent from previous releases
• The Magnificent Butcher – Alternate Cantonese mono track featuring a unique mix and different music cues
• Eastern Condors: The Export Version [94 mins] – Presented in 2K, a shorter edit of the film released to international markets
• Newly translated English subtitles (optional) for all three films
• Brand new audio commentaries on Eastern Condors and The Magnificent Butcher by martial-arts cinema authority Mike Leeder and filmmaker Arne Venema
• Brand new audio commentary on The Iron-Fisted Monk and Eastern Condors by Asian film expert Frank Djeng (NY Asian Film Festival)
• Multiple interviews with Sammo Hung, talking about his work on each film
• Interview with actor and stuntman Yuen Wah, talking about his work on Eastern Condors
• Interview with Yuen Woo-Ping, talking about his work on The Magnificent Butcher
• Eastern Condors Live! a live performance from the 1987 Miss Hong Kong Pageant
• Trailers for all three films
• O-Card Slipcase
• Limited Edition Collector’s booklet [First Print Run of 2000 units ONLY] featuring new writing on all three films by James Oliver

Region: B

‘Three Films With Sammo Hung’ is available for pre-order now from

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