Frank Grillo thinks Wu Jing is the next Jackie Chan

By   |  Aug 24, 2017

Action star Frank Grillo, who plays the villain in the Chinese mega-blockbuster ‘Wolf Warrior II’, thinks that Wu Jing is the next Jackie Chan.

Here is what Grillo said about Wu Jing in his interview with The Hollywood Reporter: “I think he’s the next Jackie Chan. He’s that guy. He can do anything physical. He’s charming, handsome and smart. He understands filmmaking. He’s open, collaborative and fun to work with. I think this guy is the next global megastar.”

In the interview, Grillo also mentioned that he is currently in talks with Joe Russo (‘Captain America: Civil War’, ‘Avengers: Infinity War’), who consulted on ‘Wolf Warrior II’, to do something “Lethal Weapon-ish” with a Chinese superstar.

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