Teaser: ‘Troll Factory’

By   |  Feb 28, 2024

‘Troll Factory’ (댓글부대 / Comment Army) is a 2024 South Korean crime drama written and directed by Ahn Gooc-Jin.

Based on the novel ‘Daetgeulboodae’ by Jang Kang-Myeong, the film revolves around a reporter who begins investigating a group responsible for online public opinion manipulation. The cast includes Son Suk-Ku, Kim Sung-Cheol, Kim Dong-Hwi, Hong Kyung, and Lee Sun-Hee.

Synopsis: Im Sang-Jin (Son Suk-Ku) works as a reporter for a newspaper company, but he has been suspended due to a negative report he wrote about a conglomerate. One day, Sang-Jin receives a tip about a “troll farm” called Team Alley. The group is responsible for infiltrating many Internet websites to manipulate public opinion by posting malicious comments. Members of the farm include Jjingbboekking (Kim Sung-Cheol), Chattatkat (Kim Dong-Hwi) and Paebtaek (Hong Kyung). While investigating Team Alley, Sang-Jin uncovers the powerful existence behind it all. [Source: AsianWiki]

‘Troll Factory’ opens across South Korea on March 27, 2024.

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