Blu-ray release: ‘Royal Tramp’ & ‘Royal Tramp II’

By   |  Jul 5, 2024

Kam & Ronson are bringing the 1992 Hong Kong wuxia comedy ‘Royal Tramp’ (鹿鼎記) and its sequel ‘Royal Tramp II’ (鹿鼎記II神龍教) to Hong Kong Blu-ray on July 8, 2024.

Directed by  and based on the writings of , the films revolve around a cowardly bard who finds himself taking part in a real adventure when he is inducted into a sect of revolutionaries. The cast includes , and .

Royal Tramp:
Wai Siu Bo (Stephen Chow) is a tricky layabout who chances into an affiliation with the Heaven and Earth Society, an underground group led by hero Chang Chin Nam (Damian Lau). Bo is assigned to infiltrate the Emperor’s court to steal the “42 Chapter Classic”, a martial arts tome which will help overthrow the Ching Dynasty and restore the Ming Dynasty. But first, Bo must engage in wall-to-wall shenanigans, including pretending to be a eunuch, sleeping with the Emperor’s sister, and generally demonstrating his superiority over the witless individuals around him.

Royal Tramp II:
When we last left Wai Siu Bo (Stephen Chow), he had just sent the fake Empress Dowager Lung Yi (Sharla Cheung) packing, and was in the process of restoring order to the Emperor’s court. But Lung Yi returns to gain revenge, except she’s had a massive makeover and now looks like Brigitte Lin!

• Cantonese and Mandarin audio
• English and Traditional Chinese subtitles
• Sourced from 4K remasters (thanks to @al_tran)
• Interview with Wong Jing
• Trailer
• Region: A

‘Royal Tramp’ and ‘Royal Tramp II’ are available to pre-order now from

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