Fun And Fury

痴情快婿 | Fun & Fury
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Reviewed by   |  Mar 15, 2015

Leon Lai takes one of his first starring roles as a cop who falls in love with the daughter of a triad kingpin (Cheng) who himself is trying to go straight. However, when the criminal fraternity hears of Leon’s courtship, they see Cheng as a possible leak to the authorities. Cheng therefore kidnaps his own daughter and hides her in order to show his innocence. Lai therefore enlists the aid of a long-time friend (Chan) to help him get back his girl.

Frankie Chan failed to live up to the standard of ‘Outlaw Brothers’ with this film, but it’s still worth a look. The action is undoubtedly the main strength of the film, especially the high-octane ending. The film sags in the middle and therefore loses it’s way, however it remains undemanding entertainment.

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