• Trailer: ‘A Better Tomorrow 2018’

    Dec 17, 2017

    ‘A Better Tomorrow 2018’ (英雄本色2018) is an upcoming Chinese crime action film directed by Ding Sheng.

  • Trailer: ‘Accident Man’

    Dec 7, 2017

    ‘Accident Man’ is an upcoming British live-action adaptation of a graphic novel by Pat Mills and Tony Skinner.

  • Trailer: ‘Queen of Triads’

    Dec 6, 2017

    ‘Queen of Triads’ (大嫂) is an upcoming Chinese crime drama written by Wong Jing and directed by Kam Ka-Wai.

  • Trailer: ‘Namiya’

    Nov 30, 2017

    ‘Namiya’ (解忧杂货店) is an upcoming Chinese fantasy directed by Han Jie.

  • Trailer (2): ‘Bleeding Steel’

    Nov 30, 2017

    ‘Bleeding Steel’ (机器之血) is an upcoming Chinese science fiction action thriller written and directed by Leo Zhang.

  • Trailer: ‘Destiny: The Tale of Kamakura’

    Nov 28, 2017

    ‘Destiny: The Tale of Kamakura’ (DESTINY 鎌倉ものがたり) is an upcoming Japanese live-action adaptation of the manga series ‘Kamakura Monogatari’ by Ryohei Saigan.

  • Trailer: ‘Demekin’

    Nov 27, 2017

    ‘Demekin’ (デメキン) is an upcoming Japanese adaptation of the autobiographical novel of the same name by Masaki Sata.

  • Trailer: ‘Missing 2’

    Nov 27, 2017

    ‘Missing 2’ (실종2) is an upcoming South Korean thriller and a sequel to 2009’s ‘Missing’.

  • Trailer: ‘The Last Shot in the Bar’

    Nov 24, 2017

    ‘The Last Shot in the Bar’ (探偵はBARにいる3) is an upcoming Japanese action comedy directed by Teruyuki Yoshida.

  • Trailer: ‘Steel Rain’

    Nov 24, 2017

    ‘Steel Rain’ (강철비) is an upcoming South Korean war drama directed by Yang Woo-Seok.