The 37th Hong Kong Film Awards announce nominations

By   |  Feb 7, 2018

On Tuesday, the nominations were unveiled for the upcoming 37th Hong Kong Film Awards. Ann Hui’s period drama ‘Our Time Will Come’ came out on top with 11 nominations, while Sylvia Chang’s ‘Love Education’ and Wilson Yip’s ‘Paradox’ followed closely behind with 9 nominations each.

Amongst the Best Actor/Actress nominations, there were a number of familiar faces including Andy Lau, Louis Koo, Sylvia Chang, Zhou Xun, and Teresa Mo. Interestingly, both Philip Keung and Yasuaki Kurata have each been nominated twice in the Best Supporting Actor category.

The award winners will be announced on Sunday April 15 at a ceremony to be held in the Hong Kong Cultural Centre in Tsim Sha Tsui.

Best Film
• Shock Wave
Our Time Will Come
• Love Education
• Chasing The Dragon
• Paradox

Best Director
• Kearen Pang (29+1)
• Herman Yau (Shock Wave)
• Ann Hui (Our Time Will Come)
• Sylvia Chang (Love Education)
Wilson Yip (Paradox)

Best Screenplay
• Kearen Pang (29+1)
He Jiping (Our Time Will Come)
• Pang Ho Cheung, Jimmy Wan, Luk Yee Sum (Love Off The Cuff)
• Sylvia Chang, You Xiao-Ying (Love Education)
• Cheung King Wai (Somewhere Beyond The Mist)

Best Actor
• Ronald Cheng (Concerto Of The Bully)
• Andy Lau (Shock Wave)
• Tian Zhuang-Zhuang (Love Education)
• Louis Koo (Paradox)
• Ling Man Lung (Tomorrow Is Another Day)

Best Actress
• Chrissie Chau (29+1)
• Zhou Xun (Our Time Will Come)
• Stephy Tang (The Empty Hands)
• Sylvia Chang (Love Education)
• Teresa Mo (Tomorrow Is Another Day)

Best Supporting Actor
• Philip Keung (Concerto Of The Bully)
• Philip Keung (Shock Wave)
• Yasuaki Kurata (The Empty Hands)
Paul Chun Pui (Love Off The Cuff)
• Gordon Lam (Paradox)
• Yasuaki Kurata (God Of War)

Best Supporting Actress
• Joyce Cheng (29+1)
• Deannie Yip (Our Time Will Come)
• Estelle Wu (Love Education)
• Siu Yam-Yam (Vampire Cleanup Department)
• Baby Bo (Somewhere Beyond The Mist)

Best New Performer
• Larine Tang (The Yuppie Fantasia 3)
• Stephanie Au (Love Off The Cuff)
• Hanna Chan (Paradox)
• Ling Man Lung (Tomorrow Is Another Day)
• Rachel Leung (Somewhere Beyond The Mist)

Best Cinematography
• Nelson Yu (Our Time Will Come)
• Tam Wai Kai (The Empty Hands)
• Lee Ping Bing Mark (Love Education)
• Jason Kwan (Chasing The Dragon)
• Tse Chung To Kenny (Paradox)

Best Film Editing
• Chang Suk Ping William, Shirley Yip (In Your Dreams)
• Azreal Chung (Shock Wave)
• Mary Stephen, Kong Chi Leung (Our Time Will Come)
• Li Ka Wing (Chasing The Dragon)
• Wong Hoi (Paradox)

Best Art Direction
• Yoshihito Akatsuka, Liao Huei-Li, Guo Zhongshan (Journey To The West : The Demons Strike Back)
• Man Lim Chung, Billy Li (Our Time Will Come)
• Irving Cheung (The Empty Hands)
• Eric Lam (Wukong)
• James Cheung (Chasing The Dragon)

Best Costume & Make-Up Design
• Bruce Yu, Lee Pik Kwan (Journey To The West : The Demons Strike Back)
• Man Lim Chung, Polly Chan (Our Time Will Come)
• Bruce Yu, Lee Pik Kwan (Wukong)
• Yee Chung Man, Bruce Yu, Kwok Suk Man (Chasing The Dragon)
• Dora Ng (This Is Not What I Expected)

Best Action Choreography
Nicky Li Chung-Chi (The Brink)
• Yuen Cheung Yan, Yuen Shun Yi (The Thousand Faces Of Dunjia)
• Ku Huen-Chiu (Wukong)
• Yu Kang, Yuen Bun, Yan Hua (Chasing The Dragon)
• Sammo Hung (Paradox)

Best Original Film Score
• Wong Ngai Lun, Yung Wai Ying Janet (29+1)
• Peter Kam (Concerto Of The Bully)
• Joe Hisaishi (Our Time Will Come)
• Veronica Lee (The Empty Hands)
• Kay Huang (Love Education)

Best Original Film Song
• Fake A Smile (For Hector)(29+1)
• An Unheard Melody (Concerto Of The Bully)
• Flowers In Blossom (Love Education)
• 長相廝守(救殭清道夫)(Vampire Cleanup Department)
• When I Love You (This Is Not What I Expected)

Best Sound Design
• Kinson Tsang, Yiu Chun Hin (Journey To The West : The Demons Strike Back)
• Nip Kei Wing, Ip Siu Kei (Shock Wave)
• Tu Duchih, Wu Shu-yao (Our Time Will Come)
• Hao Gang, Wang Chong (Wukong)
• Kinson Tsang, Lee Yiu Keung George (Paradox)

Best Visual Effects
• Park Young Soo, Kim Wook (Journey To The West : The Demons Strike Back)
• Jang Seongho, Park Youngsoo, Son Ohhyoung (The Thousand Faces Of Dunjia)
• Yee Kwok Leung, Chui Tak Piu, Lin Chun Yue Jules, Ho Ka Chuen Loki (Shock Wave)
• Victor Wong, Eman Tse (The Founding Of An Army)
• Henri Wong, Eric Xu (Wukong)

Best New Director
• Kearen Pang (29+1)
• Jonathan Li (The Brink)
• Chapman To (The Empty Hands)
• Derek Hui (This Is Not What I Expected)
• Chan Tai Lee (Tomorrow Is Another Day)

Best Film From Mainland And Taiwan
• The Great Buddha+
• The Bold, The Corrupt, And The Beautiful
• Youth
• Duckweed
• Wolf Warrior II

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